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The latent-TGFbeta-binding-protein-1 (LTBP-1) is expressed in the organizer and regulates nodal and activin signaling.

The latent-TGFbeta-binding-protein-1 (LTBP-1) is expressed in the organizer and regulates nodal and activin signaling.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
ltbp1.S laevis NF stage 42 otic vesicle

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  FIG. 3. In situ hybridization of Xenopus LTBP-1. (A–J) In situ hybridization. (A): Stage 10.5 (gastrula). Expression of xLTBP-1 is detected within the organizer region. (B) A section (depicted by the line “i” in A) shows expression is restricted to the dorsal mesoderm of the organizer (*). (C) Stage 20. Expression of xLTBP-1 in the spinal cord. No expression is seen in the anterior neural plate at this stage. Anterior/ventral is to the right. (D) Stage 25. Transcripts can be detected throughout the spinal cord region but still not in anterior domains. (E) A section through the embryo at the level of the spinal cord (indicated by the line “ii” in D); xLTBP-1 RNA expression is seen throughout the neural tube but not in the notochord at this stage. (F) Expression is also detected in the lateral plate mesoderm, Stage 28. Expression is seen in the tail, throughout the spinal cord and in the hindbrain. (G) Transverse section through the spinal cord (“iii” in F); xLTBP-1 RNA is expressed in the mesoderm lateral to the neural tube, in the notochord and in both the roof (white arrow) and floor plates (black arrow). (H) Midsagital section through the head (line “iv” in F). xLTBP-1 RNA is also expressed in anterior regions, in the hindbrain, and in the ventral forebrain. Note the expression within the notochord. (I) Stage 35. xLTBP-1 RNA is highly expressed in the muscle blocks surrounding the spinal cord. It is also expressed in the rhombomeres of the hindbrain, the eye, and the cement gland. High expression is present in the tailbud cordoneural hinge. (J) Stage 42. Additional xLTBP-1 RNA expression is observed in more anterior regions, including the heart (white arrow), the branchial arches, and around the eye. anp, anterior neural plate; cg, cement gland; ey, eye; fb, forebrain; hb, hindbrain; he, heart; nc, notochord. Locations of the sections are indicated by dashed lines. (K) xLTBP-1 RNA expression in dissected gastrula embryos: Dorsal and ventral marginal zones and animal cap explants were dissected from stage 11 gastrula embryos and analyzed by RT-PCR. xLTBP-1 was amplified by using the same primers as in Fig. 2 but for 30 cycles. The following controls are included as markers for the dissected fragments: Chordin (chd) for dorsal mesoderm, Wnt8 for ventral mesoderm, Otx for animal cap, Brachyury (xBra) as a pan mesodermal marker, and ODC as the loading control.