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meox2xenopus dermomyotome 

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Experiment details for meox2

Della Gaspera B et al. (2019) Assay

Lineage tracing of sclerotome cells in amphibian reveals that multipotent somitic cells originate from lateral somitic frontier.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
meox2.L laevis NF stage 20 to NF stage 29 and 30 dermomyotome

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  Fig. 2. Twist1 is expressed in seemingly migrating sclerotome cells. (A) Scheme of the experimental procedure: expression of the somite patterning genes Meox2, Tcf15, Foxc1, Foxc2 and Twist1 in comparison to Myod1 on trunk transverse sections between stages 20 and 34. The analysed gene is indicated at the bottom right of each picture. Arrows design the stained sclerotome. (B) Postero-anterior expression of Twist1 at stage 28 on transverse section (a to f). (C) Somitic ventral migrating cells (arrows) on postero-anterior transverse sections (a to e). Orderly serial transverse sections stained by myotome marker (12/101 antibody, green), membrane lipophilic diI (red), and Hoechst 33258 nucleus marker (blue). DiI is used here to stain all cells. Rectangle dotted line designs the area magnification at the right side of each section (a’ to e’). Scale bars: 100 μm.