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ncam1xenopus hindlimb region 

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Thyroxine-dependent modulations of the expression of the neural cell adhesion molecule N-CAM during Xenopus laevis metamorph...

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
ncam1.S laevis NF stage 52 to NF stage 53 hindlimb region

  Fig. 6. Staining pattern of anti-N-CAM antibodies in developing muscles during Xenopus metamorphosis. (A) Section through a stage 52-53 NF Xenopus hindlimb. The nerves and the condensing muscles are strongly N-CAM-positive. Condensing cartilage and skin are negative. (B) Section through the abdominal wall of a stage 54 NF Xenopus. Muscle bundles are strongly N-CAM-positive, the skin is negative, c, cartilage; m, muscle; n, nerve; sk, skin. Bar: 100um.