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neurod6xenopus epithelium 

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Experiment details for neurod6

Taelman V et al. (2001) Assay

Xath2, a bHLH gene expressed during a late transition stage of neurogenesis in the forebrain of Xenopus embryos.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
neurod6.L laevis NF stage 35 and 36 to NF stage 54 epithelium

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  Fig. 4. Expression of Xath2 compared with other genes expressed in the dorsal forebrain. (Top panels) Stained double in situ hybridized embryos (st. 35) with Xath2 (black) and Eomesodermin (red) were gelatin-embedded and vibratome-sectioned at 30 μm. (A) Horizontal and (B) parasagittal sections. (Bottom panels) Double in situ hybridization on sections with Xath2 (red) and the bHLH genes Xath3 and NeuroD (black). (C,D) Horizontal sections of st. 35 embryos. (E,F) Transverse sections of dissected brains (st. 54) at the level of the telencephalon.