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pitx1xenopus ventral 

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Murato Y and Hashimoto C (2009) Assay

Xhairy2 functions in Xenopus lens development by regulating p27(xic1) expression.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
pitx1.L laevis NF stage 15 ventral

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  Figure 4. Xhairy2 knockdown reduces the expression of LF marker genes in neurulae without marked changes in PPE marker expression. Micro-injection and lineage tracing were performed as described in Figure 3. Injected MO is indicated at the upper right corner and WISH probe is indicated at the lower right corner of each panel. a: Schematic presentation of LF in neurulae. b-i: LF marker genes. b, c: Two-color WISH of st.-15 embryos to confirm LF position. LF expression (black arrowheads) of pax6 (magenta) and six3 (purple) is indeed outside of the neural plate border that is marked by Xhairy2 (light blue). j, k: Embryos were injected with 6.9 ng of Xhairy2 MO and/or 20 pg of Xhairy2b mRNA where Xhairy2 MO does not bind in order to check the specificity of Xhairy2 MO to LF-loss phenotypes. I: Quantitative summary of j and k. Error bar: standard deviation of 5 independent experiments. m-t: PPE marker genes. Red arrowheads indicate reduction of marker gene expression. All the samples were pictured from the anterior side with the dorsal side up.