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ptprcxenopus lymphocyte 

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Tapia VS et al. (2017) Assay

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
ptprc.L laevis NF stage 50 to NF stage 54 lymphocyte

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  Figure S4. STAT3 activation in leukocytes. Coronal sections through the spinal cord of R- and NR66-stage animals, analyzed for pSTAT3 (green), CD45 (red) and Hoescht (nuclei, blue). Leukocytes pSTAT3+ are indicated by white asterisks in the meninges and by white arrows in the spinal cord. A-B’, sections from an uninjured R animal (A) and at 1dpt (B-B’). C-E’, sections from an uninjured NR66 animal (C) and at 1dpt (E-E’). White bars indicate 50 μm in A-Bᶧ, 100 μm in C-D and 30 μm in E-F. C-F, quantification of pSTAT3+ CD45+ cells in three animals per time point was performed for (C) R- and (F) NR66-stages. Difference between time points was assessed by multiple comparisons with a one-way ANOVA test (P value **>0,01 and *<0,1).