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trpv4xenopus tail bud 

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Experiment details for trpv4

Expression of trpv channels during Xenopus laevis embryogenesis.

Expression of trpv channels during Xenopus laevis embryogenesis.

Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
trpv4.L laevis NF stage 22 tail bud

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  Fig. 3. Whole mount (A–G) and histological (A′-G′) expression of trpv4 mRNA expression in X. laevis embryos. Lateral view for all whole mount embryos, animal pole to the top (A–D), anterior to the right (E–G); dorsal to the top for all histology images. (A, A′) unfertilized egg; (B, B′) stage 5 (16-cell stage); (C, C′) stage 8 (mid-blastula stage); (D, C′) stage 10 (early gastrula stage); (E, E′) stage 20 (late neurula stage); (F, F′, F′) stage 30 (late tailbud stage); (G, G′, G′) stage 35 (swimming tadpole stage). Arrows indicate regions of gene expression (a, animal pole; nc, notochord; np, nasal placode; tb, tailbud). Dashed lines represent positions of corresponding sections. Scale bars = 250 μm.