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Xenopus cDNA libraries

A number of cDNA libraries were used in generating the Xenopus ESTs, the majority of which are from the Xenopus Gene Collection Library.

Xenopus tropicalis

NICHD_XGC_tropBone1 bone tissue
NIH_XGC_tropBrn2 brain
NIH_XGC_tropBrn3 brain
NIH_XGC_tropBrn4 brain
Xenopus tropicalis xtbs plasmid library central nervous system
Wellcome CRC pCS107 tropicalis egg egg
XGC-egg egg
NICHD_XGC_tropEye1 eye
NIH_XGC_tropFat1 fat body
XGC-tailbud-head head
Xenopus tropicalis xthr plasmid library head
NIH_XGC_tropHrt1 heart
NICHD_XGC_tropInt_54 intestine
NICHD_XGC_tropInt_60 intestine
NICHD_XGC_tropInt_62 intestine
NICHD_XGC_tropInt_63 intestine
NICHD_XGC_tropInt_66 intestine
NIH_XGC_tropInt1 intestine
Xtwnt9a_lib kidney
Xtwnt9b_lib kidney
xtwnt9a_lib kidney
xtwnt9b_lib kidney
NICHD_XGC_tropLimb_m limb
NIH_XGC_tropLiv1 liver
NIH_XGC_tropLun1 lung
NIH_XGC_tropKid1 mesonephric kidney
NIH_XGC_tropOva1 ovary
NIH_XGC_tropOvi1 oviduct
NICHD_XGC_tropPanc1 pancreas
NIH_XGC_tropSkeMus1 skeletal muscle
NIH_XGC_tropSki1 skin
NICHD_XGC_tropSp1 spleen
NIH_XGC_tropSpl1 spleen
NIH_XGC_tropSto1 stomach
NICHD_XGC_tropTail_m tail
NICHD_XGC_tropTe1 testis
NIH_XGC_tropTe3 testis
NIH_XGC_tropTe4 testis
NIH_XGC_tropTe5 testis
NIH_XGC_tropTe6 testis
NICHD_XGC_tropThy1 thymus
NICHD_XGC_Emb5 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb6 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb7 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb8 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Swb1 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Swb1N whole organism
NICHD_XGC_trop_25 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropGas5 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropGas6 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropGas7 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet10 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet2 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet3 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet4 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet5 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet6 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet7 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet8 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropMet9 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropNeu5 whole organism
NIH_XGC_tropTad5 whole organism
Wellcome CRC pCS107 tropicalis St10-12 whole organism
XGC-gastrula whole organism
XGC-neurula whole organism
XGC-tadpole whole organism
XGC-tailbud whole organism
Xenopus tropicalis embryo gastrula whole organism
XtSt10-30 whole organism

Xenopus laevis

Yamamoto/Hyodo-Miura NIBB/NBRP Xenopus DMZ pCS2p+ cDNA library Keller explant
Wellcome CRC pSK animal cap animal cap
Xenopus laevis AGM region stage 46-52 anterior dorsal lateral plate region
NICHD_XGC_bone bone tissue
NICHD_XGC_Brn1 brain
NICHD_XGC_olfb brain
Xenopus EST library brain
Cornea-lens transdifferentiation library cornea
Osada Taira anterior neuroectoderm (ANE) pCS105 cDNA library ectoderm
Blackshear/Soares normalized Xenopus egg library egg
RIKEN Xenopus egg egg
Soares NXEG egg
Wellcome CRC pSK egg egg
Wellcome CRC pcDNAI egg egg
Xenopus laevis unfertilized egg cDNA library egg
X Fli1-pBS_lib endoderm
Xenopus laevis ZAP Express endodermal cDNA library endoderm
activin-induced ectoderm cDNA library endoderm
pBSXsox17 beta_lib endoderm
AEM cDNA library (lambda-ZAPII) endomesoderm
Osada Taira anterior endomesoderm (AEM) pCS105 cDNA library endomesoderm
Shibata Xenopus AEM lambda-ZAP II cDNA library endomesoderm
NICHD_XGC_Eye1 eye
NICHD_XGC_FaB fat body
NICHD_XGC_FaBN fat body
Wellcome CRC pRN3 head head
NICHD_XGC_He1 heart
Xenopus laevis intestine adult intestine
dntcf_lib kidney
dnwnt11_lib kidney
pBS.KLPax8.1_lib kidney
wnt11-R_lib kidney
wnt11_lib kidney
wnt4_lib kidney
wnt7b_lib kidney
wnt8._lib kidney
NICHD_XGC_limb limb
NICHD_XGC_limb_m limb
NICHD_XGC_Li1 liver
Xenopus adult liver ZAP Express phage library liver
Xenopus liver tumor cDNA library liver
Xenopus embryonic liver diverticulum plasmid library liver diverticulum
NICHD_XGC_Lu1 lung
NICHD_XGC_Kid1 mesonephric kidney
XMTG8_lib neuron
NICHD_XGC_OO1 oocyte
Wellcome CRC pRN3 oocyte oocyte
Xenopus laevis Lambda TriplEx cDNA Express Library oocyte
Xenopus laevis oocyte oocyte
Xenopus laevis oocyte cDNA subtracted library oocyte
Xenopus laevis oocyte non normalized oocyte
Harland ovary ovary
NICHD_XGC_Ov1 ovary
Xenopus laevis ovary (S.Hirohashi) ovary
NICHD_XGC_panc pancreas
pXH32-3_lib pronephric kidney
NICHD_XGC_skin_m skin
NICHD_XGC_Sp1 spleen
NICHD_XGC_sple_PHA spleen
POD 1 IMAGE CF270487_lib spleen
NICHD_XGC_tail_m tail
NICHD_XGC_Te1 testis
NICHD_XGC_Te2 testis
NICHD_XGC_Te2N testis
NICHD_XGC_thy thymus
pPH16.v2_lib thymus
Xenopus laevis library (Cao Y) unspecified
Xenopus laevis mitotic phosphoprotein cDNA unspecified
Blumberg_Cho dorsal blastopore lip upper blastopore lip
Wellcome CRC pRN3 dorsal lip upper blastopore lip
Wnt11 (R Mayor)_lib ventral blood island
32-cell stage cDNA expression library whole organism
CS105 f.l.XBF-2_lib whole organism
Cho Li treated gastrula whole organism
Harland stage 19-23 whole organism
Harland stage 19-23 Xenopus laevis cDNA whole organism
Kirschner embryo St10 14 whole organism
LiCl-dorsalized gastrula cDNA expression library whole organism
NIBB Mochii normalized Xenopus early gastrula library whole organism
NIBB Mochii normalized Xenopus neurula library whole organism
NIBB Mochii normalized Xenopus tailbud library whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb1 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb10 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb2 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb3 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb4 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Emb9 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Tad1 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_Tad2 whole organism
NICHD_XGC_int_m whole organism
RT-PCR product from stage 20 RNA whole organism
Stage 10+ Gastrula Library whole organism
UV-ventralized gastrula cDNA expression library whole organism
Wellcome CRC pCS2+ st19-26 whole organism
Wellcome CRC pRN3 St10 5 whole organism
Wellcome CRC pRN3 St13 17 whole organism
Wellcome CRC pRN3 St13 17 egg animal cap whole organism
Wellcome CRC pRN3 St19 26 whole organism
Wellcome CRC pRN3 St19 26 egg animal cap whole organism
Wellcome CRC pSK St 10 5 whole organism
Wellcome CRC pcDNAI St10 5 whole organism
Wellcome CRC pcDNAI St24-26 whole organism
Xenla 13 whole organism
Xenla 13LiCl whole organism
Xenla_13 whole organism
Xenla_13LiCl whole organism
Xenopus Stage 6 cDNA Expression Library whole organism
Xenopus laevis gastrula non normalized whole organism
Xenopus laevis tadpole whole organism
Xenopus laevis tadpole stage 24 whole organism
Xenopus neurula plasmid library whole organism
Xenopus total RNA whole organism
cDNA from differential display on Platinum-treated embryos whole organism
cDNA from differential display on mercury-treated embryos whole organism
normalized Xenopus laevis gastrula whole organism
pbluescript sk(-) XL055h20_lib whole organism