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Summary Attributions

Clone Name: hes7.2-HAR70 Gene: hes7.2 Species: Xenopus tropicalis  
Description: EXRC Clone Number HAR-70. TNeu125h16. Xenopus tropicalis hairy and enhancer of split 7, gene 2. Uncertain length. Likely to have 3'. Does not have 5'. To generate probe for in situ.


5' EST: AL789144 [+]

3' EST: BX702537 [+]


Name: XGC-neurulaExternal Dbs: Unigene tropicalis cDNA library

Description: cDNA was oligo dT primed from 5ug of poly A+ RNA from neurula. EcoRI-NotI cut cDNA was then ligated into pCS107 with EcoRI at the 5' end and NotI at the 3' end.

Anatomy: whole organismStage: NF stage 13 to NF stage 21
Normalized: NoSubtraction: No

Vector DetailsVector Map
Name: pCS107

Type: plasmid

5' Restriction Site: EcoRI

3' Restriction Site: NotI
Expression Image


Whole mount in situ hybridization:  


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