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GEO Series: GSE112364

Title: RNAseq profiliing of Xenopus laevis animal caps expressing Xnr2 at st14


To determine if Xnr2 induces mesodermal genes expression in ectodermal tissues

Contributors: Chris Kintner, Yuan-Hung Chien

Experiment Type: We force the ectodermal tissues to express xnr2 by injecting xnr2 RNA at the 2-4cell stage. The animal caps were excised at st10, the blastula stage. Tissues are cultured at DFA and harvested at stage 14 for RNA extraction.

Article: XB-ART-54874, PubMed

Source: NCBI GEO, Xenbase Download

Samples: (DEG = Differentially Expressed Genes; GSM = GEO Sample Number)
Sample View GSMs Assay Type
animal cap + nodal2 - NF14 GSM3068398  GSM3068399  RNA-Seq
Background: Xla.Outbred
Manipulation Type Reagent Target Gene Stage Treatment Area
mRNA injection   nodal2 (Xla) NF stage 2 (2-cell) blastomere
explant   NF stage 10 animal cap
Tissue Assay Stages ChIP Antibody
animal cap NF stage 14  
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