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Gene 1983 Aug 01;232:175-83.
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A simple procedure for parallel sequence analysis of both strands of 5'-labeled DNA.

Razvi F , Gargiulo G , Worcel A .

Ligation of a 5'-labeled DNA restriction fragment results in a circular DNA molecule carrying the two 32Ps at the reformed restriction site. Double digestions of the circular DNA with the original enzyme and a second restriction enzyme cleavage near the labeled site allows direct chemical sequencing of one 5'-labeled DNA strand. Similar double digestions, using an isoschizomer that cleaves differently at the 32P-labeled site, allows direct sequencing of the now 3'-labeled complementary DNA strand. It is possible to directly sequence both strands of cloned DNA inserts by using the above protocol and a multiple cloning site vector that provides the necessary restriction sites. The simultaneous and parallel visualization of both DNA strands eliminates sequence ambiguities. In addition, the labeled circular molecules are particularly useful for single-hit DNA cleavage studies and DNA footprint analysis. As an example, we show here an analysis of the micrococcal nuclease-induced breaks on the two strands of the somatic 5S RNA gene of Xenopus borealis, which suggests that the enzyme may recognize and cleave small AT-containing palindromes along the DNA helix.

PubMed ID: 6311685
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