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Mech Dev 1998 Feb 01;711-2:193-6.
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Nested expression and sequential downregulation of the Xenopus caudal genes along the anterior-posterior axis.

Pillemer G , Epstein M , Blumberg B , Yisraeli JK , De Robertis EM , Steinbeisser H , Fainsod A .

Expression of the Xenopus Xcad-1 and Xcad-2 genes initiates during early gastrulation exhibiting a dorsoventral asymmetry in their domains of transcription. At mid-gastrulation the ventral preference becomes stronger and the caudal genes take up a posterior localization in their expression, which they will maintain until their downregulation along the dorsal midline. Comparison of the three Xenopus caudal genes revealed a temporal and spatial nested set of expression patterns. The transcription of the caudal genes is sequentially downregulated with the one expressed most caudally (Xcad-2) being shut down first, this sequence is most evident along the dorsal midline. This pattern of expression suggests a role for the caudal genes as posterior determinants along the anteroposterior axis. In chicken, mouse, man and Xenopus three members of the caudal family have been identified in the genome. Even though in Xenopus the Xcad-3 gene has been previously described, in order to obtain a better insight on the role of the caudal genes a comparative study of all three frog genes was performed.

PubMed ID: 9507125

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: cad