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Adv Space Res 2005 Jan 01;359:1654-61. doi: 10.1016/j.asr.2005.04.100.
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Temporal regulation of global gene expression and cellular morphology in Xenopus kidney cells in response to clinorotation.

Kitamoto J , Fukui A , Asashima M .

Here, we report changes gene expression and morphology of the renal epithelial cell line, A6, which was derived from Xenopus laevis adult kidney that had been induced by long-term culturing with a three-dimensional clinostat. An oligo microarray analysis on the A6 cells showed that mRNA levels for 52 out of 8091 genes were significantly altered in response to clinorotation. On day 5, there was no dramatic change in expression level, but by day 8 and day 10, either upregulation or downregulation of gene expression became evident. By day 15, the expression levels of 18 out of 52 genes had returned to the original levels, while the remaining 34 genes maintained the altered levels of expression. Quantitative analyses of gene expression by real-time PCR confirmed that changes in the mRNA levels of selected genes were found only under clinorotation and not under hypergravity (7 g) or ground control. Morphological changes including loss of dome-like structures and disorganization of both E-cadherin adherence junctions and cortical actin were also observed after 10 days of culturing with clinorotation. These results revealed that the expression of selected genes was altered specifically in A6 cells cultured under clinorotation.

PubMed ID: 16175731
Article link: Adv Space Res

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: actl6a agr2 arpc1b brix1 c1qbp calb1 ccn1 ccn2 cct6a cfb cfh ckm ckmt1b cldn7 clu cotl1 cryba1 ddit4 dhcr7 dio3 egr1 eif4a2 eno1 epha2 fgf9 gadd45g gcat gli3 h1-0 hes4 id3 lgals3 mmp13l mmp2 myc ndrg1 nnmt nrg1 olfm4 pds5a scnn1a sesn1 sfrp2 slc25a17 slc25a25 slc7a3 slc7a8 sox11 sparc vim zfp36 zfp36l2