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Int J Mol Med 2005 Jun 01;156:1051-5.
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Comparative genomics on Fzd7 orthologs.

Katoh M .

WNT signaling pathway networks with Hedgehog and Notch signaling pathways during carcinogenesis and embryogenesis. FZD7 is up-regulated in gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Here we identified and characterized rat Fzd7 gene by using bioinformatics. Rat Fzd7 gene was identified within AC136379.2 genome sequence. The 5'-flanking region and exonic region were well conserved among mammalian Fzd7 orthologs. Nucleotide position 153000-152216 of AC136379.2 genome sequence was identified as the evolutionarily conserved promoter region of rat Fzd7 gene, and nucleotide position 2273-3046 of AC069148.6 genome sequence as the evolutionarily conserved promoter region of human FZD7 gene. Match program revealed that PAX4-binding site was conserved among rat Fzd7, mouse Fzd7 and human FZD7 promoters. Rat Fzd7 (572 aa) was a seven-transmembrane-type Wnt receptor, which showed 99.3, 96.9, 87.4, 85.5, 79.5 and 79.0% total-amino-acid identity with mouse Fzd7, human FZD7, chicken fzd7, Xenopus fzd7, zebrafish fzd7a and fzd7b, respectively. Frizzled (Fz) domain within the N-terminal extracellular region, Leucine zipper motif around the fifth transmembrane (TM5) region, Dishevelled (Dvl)- and Magi3-binding motifs within the C-terminal cytoplasmic region were conserved among vertebrate Fzd7 orthologs. Leucine zipper motif around the TM5 region of Fzd7 orthologs was disrupted in FzE3 aberrant cDNA due to multiple cloning artifacts or sequencing errors. These facts indicate that experimental data obtained by using FzE3 cDNA do not always reflect the functions of Fzd7 orthologs.

PubMed ID: 15870913
Article link: Int J Mol Med

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: dvl2 fzd7 magi3 notch1 pax4 shh