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Development 1995 Mar 01;1213:721-30.
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XIPOU 2, a noggin-inducible gene, has direct neuralizing activity.

Witta SE , Agarwal VR , Sato SM .

XIPOU 2, a member of the class III POU domain family, is expressed initially in Spemann's organizer, and later, in discrete regions of the developing nervous system in Xenopus laevis. XIPOU 2 may act downstream from initial neural induction events, since it is activated by the neural inducer, noggin. To determine if XIPOU 2 participates in the early events of neurogenesis, synthetic mRNA was microinjected into specific blastomeres of the 32-cell stage embryo. Misexpression of XIPOU 2 in the epidermis causes a direct switch in cell fate from an epidermal to a neuronal phenotype. In the absence of mesoderm induction, XIPOU 2 has the ability to induce a neuronal phenotype in uncommitted ectoderm. These data demonstrate the potential of XIPOU 2 to act as a master regulator of neurogenesis.

PubMed ID: 7720579

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: fst gsc lhx1 mrc1 ncam1 nog pou3f4

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