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J Lipid Mediat 1992 Jan 01;52:105-7.
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Properties of the guinea-pig lung platelet-activating factor receptor encoded by the cloned cDNA.

Honda Z , Nakamura M , Seyama Y , Shimizu T .

Platelet-activating factor (PAF) is a naturally occurring phospholipid possessing proinflammatory and shock-inducing activities. Although PAF exerts these functions via specific receptors, the molecular structures of the receptor has not been clarified. We have isolated a cDNA coding for PAF receptor through expression cloning. The PAF receptor expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes and COS-7 cells showed pharmacological properties consistent with those in previous reports. Sequence analysis revealed that PAF receptor belongs to the superfamily of G-protein-coupled receptors.

PubMed ID: 1326344

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: pafah1b2