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Nucleic Acids Res 1980 Jun 25;812:2691-707.
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Molecular cloning of cDNA sequences coding for the major alpha- and beta-globin polypeptides of adult Xenopus laevis.

Kay RM , Harris R , Patient RK , Williams JG .

This report describes the synthesis and cloning of almost complete DNA copies of the mRNAs encoding the major alpha-globin and major beta-globin of X. laevis. Double-stranded globin cDNA was inserted into the PstI site of the plasmid pBR322 and two cloned recombinants (designated pXG6C1 and pXG8D2) were selected. These were shown to contain almost complete copies of X. laevis globin mRNA. Restriction enzyme maps were determined for each cDNA sequence using the established method of partial digestion of end labelled DNA. However, this procedure was modified such that isolation of individual DNA fragments was no longer required. Each plasmid was shown, by both hybrid arrested translation and filter selection of complementary RNA, to contain a sequence coding for one or other of the two major globin polypeptides. Sufficient DNA sequence information has been determined from each cDNA clone to demonstrate that pXG8D2 contains a beta-globin sequence and pXG6C1 contains an alpha-globin sequence.

PubMed ID: 7001356
PMC ID: PMC324114
Article link: Nucleic Acids Res

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: hba1 hba3 hbg1

References [+] :
Battaglia, Isolation of globin messenger RNA of Xenopus laevis. 1977, Pubmed, Xenbase