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Development 2008 Feb 01;1353:451-61. doi: 10.1242/dev.008458.
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The Gata5 target, TGIF2, defines the pancreatic region by modulating BMP signals within the endoderm.

Mechanisms underlying regional specification of distinct organ precursors within the endoderm, including the liver and pancreas, are still poorly understood. This is particularly true for stages between endoderm formation and the initiation of organogenesis. In this report, we have investigated these intermediate steps downstream of the early endodermal factor Gata5, which progressively lead to the induction of pancreatic fate. We have identified TGIF2 as a novel Gata5 target and demonstrate its function in the establishment of the pancreatic region within dorsal endoderm in Xenopus. TGIF2 acts primarily by restricting BMP signaling in the endoderm to allow pancreatic formation. Consistently, we found that blocking BMP signaling by independent means also perturbs the establishment of pancreatic identity in the endoderm. Previous findings demonstrated a crucial role for BMP signaling in determining dorsal/ventral fates in ectoderm and mesoderm. Our results now extend this trend to the endoderm and identify TGIF2 as the molecular link between dorsoventral patterning of the endoderm and pancreatic specification.

PubMed ID: 18094028
Article link: Development

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: a2m amy2a babam2 bmp4 c1h19orf25 chrd fabp2 foxa2 foxf1 fzd7 gal.2 gata4 gata5 gata6 hdgf hhex ins msx1 msx2 myc myod1 ncam1 nkx2-5 odc1 pdx1 rcc2 smad1 smad2 sox2 tbx2 tbx5 tbxt tgif2 tuba4b vegt ventx2.2 washc2a wnt8a wnt8b zfpm1
Morpholinos: chrd.1 MO1 tgif2 MO1 tgif2 MO2

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