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Dev Dyn 2009 May 01;2385:1179-94. doi: 10.1002/dvdy.21953.
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A microarray screen for direct targets of Zic1 identifies an aquaporin gene, aqp-3b, expressed in the neural folds.

Cornish EJ , Hassan SM , Martin JD , Li S , Merzdorf CS .

The Zic1 transcription factor plays multiple roles during early development, for example, in patterning the early neural plate and formation of the neural crest, somites, and cerebellum. To identify direct downstream target genes of Zic1, a microarray screen was conducted in Xenopus laevis that identified 85 genes upregulated twofold or more. These include transcription factors, receptors, enzymes, proteins involved in retinoic acid signaling, and an aquaglyceroporin (aqp-3b), but surprisingly no genes known to be involved in cell proliferation. We show that both aqp-3 and aqp-3b were expressed in adult tissues, while during early embryonic development, only aqp-3b was transcribed. During neurula stages, aqp-3b was expressed specifically in the neural folds. This pattern of aqp-3b expression closely resembled that of NF-protocadherin (NFPC), which is involved in cell adhesion and neural tube closure. Aqp-3b may also be involved in neural tube closure, since mammalian Aqp-3 promotes cell migration and proliferation.

PubMed ID: 19384961
Article link: Dev Dyn
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: ankrd11 aplnr aqp3 aspm auts2 celf3 cfb cldn12 cldn6.1 cpeb2 crabp2 dgat2 dnmt1 efnb1 eomes evx1 fat1 fgfr2 fibcd1 foxf1 foxo3 gja7 glipr2 gprc5b hes5.5 hesx1 hs3st3a1 itga6 KIAA1671 lgals4.2 marchf8 mrps18b mtus1 myod1 ncoa3 pcdh7 pkdcc.2 pou2f1 prickle1 psmb8 ptch2 ptgds rab40b reep3 rgcc rnf24 sall1 smc5 snai1 son sp7 tbx2 tead1 tek thop1 tiparp top1.2 traf4 vegt wnt11b wnt8a zbtb33 zic1

GEO Series: GSE12128: NCBI

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