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PLoS One 2012 Jan 01;76:e39399. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0039399.
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Molecular phylogeny of OVOL genes illustrates a conserved C2H2 zinc finger domain coupled by hypervariable unstructured regions.

Kumar A , Bhandari A , Sinha R , Sardar P , Sushma M , Goyal P , Goswami C , Grapputo A .

OVO-like proteins (OVOL) are members of the zinc finger protein family and serve as transcription factors to regulate gene expression in various differentiation processes. Recent studies have shown that OVOL genes are involved in epithelial development and differentiation in a wide variety of organisms; yet there is a lack of comprehensive studies that describe OVOL proteins from an evolutionary perspective. Using comparative genomic analysis, we traced three different OVOL genes (OVOL1-3) in vertebrates. One gene, OVOL3, was duplicated during a whole-genome-duplication event in fish, but only the copy (OVOL3b) was retained. From early-branching metazoa to humans, we found that a core domain, comprising a tetrad of C2H2 zinc fingers, is conserved. By domain comparison of the OVOL proteins, we found that they evolved in different metazoan lineages by attaching intrinsically-disordered (ID) segments of N/C-terminal extensions of 100 to 1000 amino acids to this conserved core. These ID regions originated independently across different animal lineages giving rise to different types of OVOL genes over the course of metazoan evolution. We illustrated the molecular evolution of metazoan OVOL genes over a period of 700 million years (MY). This study both extends our current understanding of the structure/function relationship of metazoan OVOL genes, and assembles a good platform for further characterization of OVOL genes from diverged organisms.

PubMed ID: 22737237
PMC ID: PMC3380836
Article link: PLoS One

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: amot aplp1 banf1 capns1 clip3 col4a5 cox7a1 csrp2 dmpk dtd1 dysf exoc6b fn1 hlcs kat14 kat5 kin kirrel2 lin37 lrfn3 mt-tr mus81 nfkbid ovol1 ovol2 ovol3 polr2i polr3f prodh2 rbbp9 rel rela rexo2 rrbp1 sdhaf1 sec23b sipa1 snx5 tkfc trna

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