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Cell Rep 2017 Jan 17;183:762-776. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.12.063.
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A Tissue-Mapped Axolotl De Novo Transcriptome Enables Identification of Limb Regeneration Factors.

Bryant DM , Johnson K , DiTommaso T , Tickle T , Couger MB , Payzin-Dogru D , Lee TJ , Leigh ND , Kuo TH , Davis FG , Bateman J , Bryant S , Guzikowski AR , Tsai SL , Coyne S , Ye WW , Freeman RM , Peshkin L , Tabin CJ , Regev A , Haas BJ , Whited JL .

Mammals have extremely limited regenerative capabilities; however, axolotls are profoundly regenerative and can replace entire limbs. The mechanisms underlying limb regeneration remain poorly understood, partly because the enormous and incompletely sequenced genomes of axolotls have hindered the study of genes facilitating regeneration. We assembled and annotated a de novo transcriptome using RNA-sequencing profiles for a broad spectrum of tissues that is estimated to have near-complete sequence information for 88% of axolotl genes. We devised expression analyses that identified the axolotl orthologs of cirbp and kazald1 as highly expressed and enriched in blastemas. Using morpholino anti-sense oligonucleotides, we find evidence that cirbp plays a cytoprotective role during limb regeneration whereas manipulation of kazald1 expression disrupts regeneration. Our transcriptome and annotation resources greatly complement previous transcriptomic studies and will be a valuable resource for future research in regenerative biology.

PubMed ID: 28099853
PMC ID: PMC5419050
Article link: Cell Rep

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: acta1 cartpt casq1 ccng1 cirbp cndp1 col5a1 cox7a2 cox7a2l ctsk cyp2a13l faah.1 gpa33 gpc6 hipk3 kazald1 klhl41 marveld2 muc1 myc nfyb pgm1 prkab2 rnf8 rnps1 slc37a4 tpm1 trappc5 trdn ttn

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