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Biol Open 2017 Oct 15;610:1528-1540. doi: 10.1242/bio.026153.
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Vestigial-like 3 is a novel Ets1 interacting partner and regulates trigeminal nerve formation and cranial neural crest migration.

Simon E , Thézé N , Fédou S , Thiébaud P , Faucheux C .

Drosophila Vestigial is the founding member of a protein family containing a highly conserved domain, called Tondu, which mediates their interaction with members of the TEAD family of transcription factors (Scalloped in Drosophila). In Drosophila, the Vestigial/Scalloped complex controls wing development by regulating the expression of target genes through binding to MCAT sequences. In vertebrates, there are four Vestigial-like genes, the functions of which are still not well understood. Here, we describe the regulation and function of vestigial-like 3 (vgll3) during Xenopus early development. A combination of signals, including FGF8, Wnt8a, Hoxa2, Hoxb2 and retinoic acid, limits vgll3 expression to hindbrain rhombomere 2. We show that vgll3 regulates trigeminal placode and nerve formation and is required for normal neural crest development by affecting their migration and adhesion properties. At the molecular level, vgll3 is a potent activator of pax3, zic1, Wnt and FGF, which are important for brain patterning and neural crest cell formation. Vgll3 interacts in the embryo with Tead proteins but unexpectedly with Ets1, with which it is able to stimulate a MCAT driven luciferase reporter gene. Our findings highlight a critical function for vgll3 in vertebrate early development.

PubMed ID: 28870996
PMC ID: PMC5665465
Article link: Biol Open

Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: b3gat1 b3gat1l cdh2 egr2 ets1 etv2 fgf2 fgf8 fn1 foxd3 foxi4.1 hoxa2 hoxb2 hoxb9 isl1 mapk1 mcat myc myo10.2 neurod1 nog odc1 otx2 pax3 pcdh18 pcdh8l snai2 tbxt.2 tead1 tead4 tub tubb2b twist1 uqcc6 vgll2 vgll3 wnt5a wnt8a wnt8b zic1
GO keywords: neural crest cell migration [+]
Antibodies: B3gat1 Ab5 Mapk1 Ab9 Neuronal Ab4
Morpholinos: tead1 MO1 tead4 MO1 vgll3 MO1 vgll3 MO2 vgll3 MO3 vgll3 MO4

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References [+] :
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