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Elife 2018 Feb 07;7. doi: 10.7554/eLife.33420.
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Role of the visual experience-dependent nascent proteome in neuronal plasticity.

Liu HH , McClatchy DB , Schiapparelli L , Shen W , Yates JR , Cline HT .

Experience-dependent synaptic plasticity refines brain circuits during development. To identify novel protein synthesis-dependent mechanisms contributing to experience-dependent plasticity, we conducted a quantitative proteomic screen of the nascent proteome in response to visual experience in Xenopus optic tectum using bio-orthogonal metabolic labeling (BONCAT). We identified 83 differentially synthesized candidate plasticity proteins (CPPs). The CPPs form strongly interconnected networks and are annotated to a variety of biological functions, including RNA splicing, protein translation, and chromatin remodeling. Functional analysis of select CPPs revealed the requirement for eukaryotic initiation factor three subunit A (eIF3A), fused in sarcoma (FUS), and ribosomal protein s17 (RPS17) in experience-dependent structural plasticity in tectal neurons and behavioral plasticity in tadpoles. These results demonstrate that the nascent proteome is dynamic in response to visual experience and that de novo synthesis of machinery that regulates RNA splicing and protein translation is required for experience-dependent plasticity.

PubMed ID: 29412139
PMC ID: PMC5815848
Article link: Elife
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Species referenced: Xenopus
Genes referenced: acta1 acta2 actb actc1 actg1 ap2a2 aplp2 arnt2 atp2a2 cand1 capza1 capza2 cbx1 cbx3 cct7 clasp1 col18a1 cox5a ctnnb1 cxxc4 dnm1l dpysl3 eif3a eif4a1 fasn fus gria1 gria2 gtf2ird1 h4c1 hk1 hnrnpa1 hnrnpab hnrnpc hsp90ab1 hspa5 iws1 jpt1 kif1c kif5c krt78.1 l1cam lgmn lonp1 mcm4 mdh2 metap2 mtrex nacad ncl nono papss1 pbrm1 pcbp2 pcbp3 pmp2 psmc6 rab5a rab5b rab5c rps13 rps17 sfpq shtn1 smarcd1 smarcd2 smarcd3 smc1a sptan1 sptbn1 stip1 stmn2 syp tecta.2 tln1 trim69 ttpal tuba1b tuba1cl.3 vim
GO keywords: regulation of neuronal synaptic plasticity
Antibodies: CaMK2a Ab4 Calm1 Ab1 L1cam Ab1 Psmd2 Ab1 Rps17 Ab1 Sh3gl2 Ab1 Tubb2b Ab6
Morpholinos: eif3a MO1 fus MO2 nono MO1 rps17 MO1

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