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Development 2018 Jul 17;14514:. doi: 10.1242/dev.159368.
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Notch1 is asymmetrically distributed from the beginning of embryogenesis and controls the ventral center.

Castro Colabianchi AM , Revinski DR , Encinas PI , Baez MV , Monti RJ , Rodríguez Abinal M , Kodjabachian L , Franchini LF , López SL .

Based on functional evidence, we have previously demonstrated that early ventral Notch1 activity restricts dorsoanterior development in Xenopus We found that Notch1 has ventralizing properties and abolishes the dorsalizing activity of β-catenin by reducing its steady state levels, in a process that does not require β-catenin phosphorylation by glycogen synthase kinase 3β. In the present work, we demonstrate that Notch1 mRNA and protein are enriched in the ventral region from the beginning of embryogenesis in Xenopus This is the earliest sign of ventral development, preceding the localized expression of wnt8a, bmp4 and Ventx genes in the ventral center and the dorsal accumulation of nuclear β-catenin. Knockdown experiments indicate that Notch1 is necessary for the normal expression of genes essential for ventral-posterior development. These results indicate that during early embryogenesis ventrally located Notch1 promotes the development of the ventral center. Together with our previous evidence, these results suggest that ventral enrichment of Notch1 underlies the process by which Notch1 participates in restricting nuclear accumulation of β-catenin to the dorsal side.

PubMed ID: 29866901
Article link: Development

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: bmp4 bmp7.1 bmp7.2 chrd ctnna1 ctnnb1 hes5.7 krt12.4 nog notch1 patl2 psmd6 rbpj smo smpx tfap2a trim29 ventx2 ventx2.2 wnt11 wnt8a
GO keywords: Notch signaling pathway [+]
Antibodies: Ctnnb1 AB16 Notch1 AB1
Morpholinos: notch1 MO1

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