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Commun Biol 2021 Oct 07;41:1158. doi: 10.1038/s42003-021-02688-9.
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The enpp4 ectonucleotidase regulates kidney patterning signalling networks in Xenopus embryos.

Massé K , Bhamra S , Paroissin C , Maneta-Peyret L , Boué-Grabot E , Jones EA .

The enpp ectonucleotidases regulate lipidic and purinergic signalling pathways by controlling the extracellular concentrations of purines and bioactive lipids. Although both pathways are key regulators of kidney physiology and linked to human renal pathologies, their roles during nephrogenesis remain poorly understood. We previously showed that the pronephros was a major site of enpp expression and now demonstrate an unsuspected role for the conserved vertebrate enpp4 protein during kidney formation in Xenopus. Enpp4 over-expression results in ectopic renal tissues and, on rare occasion, complete mini-duplication of the entire kidney. Enpp4 is required and sufficient for pronephric markers expression and regulates the expression of RA, Notch and Wnt pathway members. Enpp4 is a membrane protein that binds, without hydrolyzing, phosphatidylserine and its effects are mediated by the receptor s1pr5, although not via the generation of S1P. Finally, we propose a novel and non-catalytic mechanism by which lipidic signalling regulates nephrogenesis.

PubMed ID: 34620987
PMC ID: PMC8497618
Article link: Commun Biol
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: clcnkb cyp26a1 dll1 enpp2 enpp4 enpp6 enpp7 gata3 irx1 jag1 lhx1 lpar1 mapk1 myh4 myod1 nkx6-1 notch1 nphs1 odc1 pax8 pcsk7 rdh10 rfng s1pr1 s1pr5 sftpc slc12a1 slc5a1 slc5a1.2 tbxt wnt4 wt1
GO keywords: kidney development [+]
Antibodies: Kidney Ab1 Kidney Ab2

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References [+] :
Alarcón, A dual requirement for Iroquois genes during Xenopus kidney development. 2008, Pubmed, Xenbase