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J Cell Physiol 2023 Aug 01;2388:1850-1866. doi: 10.1002/jcp.31059.
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Transmembrane protein 150b attenuates BMP signaling in the Xenopus organizer.

Keum BR , Yeo I , Koo Y , Han W , Choi SC , Kim GH , Han JK .

The vertebrate organizer is a specified embryonic tissue that regulates dorsoventral patterning and axis formation. Although numerous cellular signaling pathways have been identified as regulators of the organizer's dynamic functions, the process remains incompletely understood, and as-yet unknown pathways remain to be explored for sophisticated mechanistic understanding of the vertebrate organizer. To identify new potential key factors of the organizer, we performed complementary DNA (cDNA) microarray screening using organizer-mimicking Xenopus laevis tissue. This analysis yielded a list of prospective organizer genes, and we determined the role of six-transmembrane domain containing transmembrane protein 150b (Tmem150b) in organizer function. Tmem150b was expressed in the organizer region and induced by Activin/Nodal signaling. In X. laevis, Tmem150b knockdown resulted in head defects and a shortened body axis. Moreover, Tmem150b negatively regulated bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling, likely via physical interaction with activin receptor-like kinase 2 (ALK2). These findings demonstrated that Tmem150b functions as a novel membrane regulatory factor of BMP signaling with antagonistic effects, contributing to the understanding of regulatory molecular mechanisms of organizer axis function. Investigation of additional candidate genes identified in the cDNA microarray analysis could further delineate the genetic networks of the organizer during vertebrate embryogenesis.

PubMed ID: 37435758
Article link: J Cell Physiol
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: adora2a bix1.1 bix1.2 bix1.3 bmp4 cavin4 cer1 chrd.1 fgf20 flrt3 foxa4 frzb gsc klf7 menf.1 mespa mespb mixer mmp8 mnx1 msgn1 myf5 nat8.6 ncam1 nodal nodal2 nodal5 nodal6 otx2 pcdh8l pitx2 pnhd rax rfk rgs1 sbk1l sia1 sia2 six3 slc38a2 slc5a8 sox17a tbxt tmem150b tp63 ventx1 ventx2 wnt8a xenf
GO keywords: BMP signaling pathway [+]
Antibodies: Actb Ab9 Ha Ab14 Myc Ab6
Morpholinos: tmem150b MO1 tmem150b MO2

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