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Commun Biol 2024 Mar 05;71:275. doi: 10.1038/s42003-024-05967-3.
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Revealing mitf functions and visualizing allografted tumor metastasis in colorless and immunodeficient Xenopus tropicalis.

Ran R , Li L , Xu T , Huang J , He H , Chen Y .

Transparent immunodeficient animal models not only enhance in vivo imaging investigations of visceral organ development but also facilitate in vivo tracking of transplanted tumor cells. However, at present, transparent and immunodeficient animal models are confined to zebrafish, presenting substantial challenges for real-time, in vivo imaging studies addressing specific biological inquiries. Here, we employed a mitf-/-/prkdc-/-/il2rg-/- triple-knockout strategy to establish a colorless and immunodeficient amphibian model of Xenopus tropicalis. By disrupting the mitf gene, we observed the loss of melanophores, xanthophores, and granular glands in Xenopus tropicalis. Through the endogenous mitf promoter to drive BRAFV600E expression, we confirmed mitf expression in melanophores, xanthophores and granular glands. Moreover, the reconstruction of the disrupted site effectively reinstated melanophores, xanthophores, and granular glands, further highlighting the crucial role of mitf as a regulator in their development. By crossing mitf-/- frogs with prkdc-/-/il2rg-/- frogs, we generated a mitf-/-/prkdc-/-/il2rg-/- Xenopus tropicalis line, providing a colorless and immunodeficient amphibian model. Utilizing this model, we successfully observed intravital metastases of allotransplanted xanthophoromas and migrations of allotransplanted melanomas. Overall, colorless and immunodeficient Xenopus tropicalis holds great promise as a valuable platform for tumorous and developmental biology research.

PubMed ID: 38443437
PMC ID: PMC10915148
Article link: Commun Biol

Species referenced: Xenopus tropicalis Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: aqp5 aqp8 cd3g dct il2rg mapk1 mitf mpv17 mtnr1al nmb pax3 pgq pmel prkdc rpe slc45a2 tph1 trh tyr tyrp1
Antibodies: Cd3 Ab1 Mapk1 Ab25 Tyrosinase Ab1 eGFP Ab10

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