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Cell Tissue Res 2001 Feb 01;3032:211-9. doi: 10.1007/s004410000314.
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Cysteine string proteins are associated with cortical granules of Xenopus laevis oocytes.

Gundersen CB , Aguado F , Sou S , Mastrogiacomo A , Coppola T , Kornblum HI , Umbach JA .

Cysteine string proteins (csps) are associated with secretory organelles in a wide range of eukaryotic cells. Functional studies of these proteins indicate that they subserve one or more vital steps in the pathway of regulated exocytosis. Here, we document the presence of csps in fully grown (stage VI) oocytes of the frog, Xenopus laevis. Both Northern and immunoblot data support the conclusion that csps are expressed in these cells. In addition, immunoreactive csp is seen even at the earliest stage of oocyte development, namely, in stage I oocytes. Finally, immunoblot and immunocytochemical results indicate that csps are associated with cortical granules of stage II-VI oocytes. These observations suggest that csps participate in the cortical reaction that underlies the sustained block to polyspermy in Xenopus eggs. Moreover, because of the relative ease of manipulating cells as large as Xenopus oocytes, this system harbors considerable promise as a model for studying the role of csps and other proteins in exocytotic events.

PubMed ID: 11291767
Article link: Cell Tissue Res
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