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Antibody Name: Casp3 Ab6

Common Name:

Synonyms: Apopain, C92-605, CPP32, Yama

Gene: casp3.2

Clone Type: unknown
Source: BD BioSciences

Clone Number
Isotype IgG
Host Organism rabbit
Xenopus Reactivity X. tropicalis, X. laevis
Non-Xenopus Reactivity mouse
Description: Supplied by BD Pharmagen (BD Biosciences) cat# 564094
Name casp3
Type polypeptide
Post Translational Modifications unknown post translational modifications
Source Organism frog
Description Human Active Caspase-3 Fragment
Reported Usage
western blot
immunohistochemistry 1:400
First: Transgenic Xenopus with prx1 limb enhancer reveals crucial contribution of MEK/ERK and PI3K/AKT pathways in blastema formation during limb regeneration., Dev Biol 2007                
Most recent: Trialkyltin Rexinoid-X Receptor Agonists Selectively Potentiate Thyroid Hormone Induced Programs of Xenopus laevis Metamorphosis., Endocrinology 2016  
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