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Attributions for Slc10a4 Ab2


Expression, sorting and transport studies for the orphan carrier SLC10A4 in neuronal and non-neuronal cell lines and in Xenopus laevis oocytes., Schmidt S, Moncada M, Burger S, Geyer J., BMC Neurosci. June 19, 2015; 16 35.                        

Cloning and molecular characterization of the orphan carrier protein Slc10a4: expression in cholinergic neurons of the rat central nervous system., Geyer J, Fernandes CF, Döring B, Burger S, Godoy JR, Rafalzik S, Hübschle T, Gerstberger R, Petzinger E., Neuroscience. April 9, 2008; 152 (4): 990-1005.