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creation reported in:

Cell type-specific expression of nuclear lamina proteins during development of Xenopus laevis., Benavente R, Krohne G, Franke WW., Cell. May 1, 1985; 41 (1): 177-90.                      

referenced by:

The nuclear lamina in Heidelberg and Würzburg: a personal view., Krohne G, Benavente R, Scheer U, Dabauvalle MC., Eur J Cell Biol. March 1, 2005; 84 (2-3): 163-79.

Interference with the cytoplasmic tail of gp210 disrupts "close apposition" of nuclear membranes and blocks nuclear pore dilation., Drummond SP, Wilson KL., J Cell Biol. July 8, 2002; 158 (1): 53-62.              

Roles of LAP2 proteins in nuclear assembly and DNA replication: truncated LAP2beta proteins alter lamina assembly, envelope formation, nuclear size, and DNA replication efficiency in Xenopus laevis extracts., Gant TM, Harris CA, Wilson KL., J Cell Biol. March 22, 1999; 144 (6): 1083-96.                  

Chromatin binding and polymerization of the endogenous Xenopus egg lamins: the opposing effects of glycogen and ATP., Lourim D, Krohne G., J Cell Sci. December 18, 1998; 111 ( Pt 24) 3675-86.

Identification of Xenopus SMC protein complexes required for sister chromatid cohesion., Losada A, Hirano M, Hirano T., Genes Dev. July 1, 1998; 12 (13): 1986-97.

Reactivation of DNA replication in nuclei from terminally differentiated cells: nuclear membrane permeabilization is required for initiation in Xenopus egg extract., Leno GH, Munshi R., Exp Cell Res. May 1, 1997; 232 (2): 412-9.

Characterization and quantitation of three B-type lamins in Xenopus oocytes and eggs: increase of lamin LI protein synthesis during meiotic maturation., Lourim D, Kempf A, Krohne G., J Cell Sci. July 1, 1996; 109 ( Pt 7) 1775-85.

Membrane-associated lamins in Xenopus egg extracts: identification of two vesicle populations., Lourim D, Krohne G., J Cell Biol. November 1, 1993; 123 (3): 501-12.                  

Nuclear formation in a Drosophila cell-free system., Berrios M, Avilion AA., Exp Cell Res. November 1, 1990; 191 (1): 64-70.

The nuclear lamins. A multigene family of proteins in evolution and differentiation., Krohne G, Benavente R., Exp Cell Res. January 1, 1986; 162 (1): 1-10.

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