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Morpholino Name: fbxo43 MO9
Synonyms: XErp1#2
Target mRNA: fbxo43

Morpholino Type: uncategorized morpholino

Source: Gene Tools LLC

Target mRNA
Genomic Alignments Position Identity Strand Target Target mRNA
laevis 10.1 Chr7L:5763520..5763539 18/20 Antisense off-target LOC108695710
Chr4S:107702433..107702452 17/20 Antisense off-target dusp7.S
Chr4S:107702460..107702479 17/20 Antisense off-target dusp7.S
Chr4S:107702547..107702566 17/20 Antisense off-target dusp7.S
Chr4S:107702609..107702628 17/20 Antisense off-target dusp7.S
Chr4S:107702636..107702655 17/20 Antisense off-target dusp7.S
Chr2S:151221434..151221453 17/20 unknown
Chr2S:151221487..151221506 17/20 unknown
Chr4S:106047394..106047413 17/20 unknown
Chr4S:106047447..106047466 17/20 unknown
Chr4S:106090441..106090460 17/20 unknown
Chr4S:106090494..106090513 17/20 unknown
Chr4S:106090842..106090861 17/20 unknown
Chr4S:106090895..106090914 17/20 unknown
Chr8S:15479475..15479494 17/20 unknown
Chr8S:15479613..15479632 17/20 unknown
Chr8S:15479751..15479770 17/20 unknown
Chr8S:15479778..15479797 17/20 unknown
Chr2S:151221100..151221119 16/20 unknown
Chr4S:106047060..106047079 16/20 unknown
Chr4S:106090176..106090195 16/20 unknown
Chr7S:77290087..77290106 16/20 unknown
Chr8S:15479503..15479522 16/20 unknown
Chr8S:15479641..15479660 16/20 unknown
Chr8S:15479806..15479825 16/20 unknown
tropicalis 10.0 Chr1:111210769..111210788 18/20 Sense off-target fcho1
Chr1:190042587..190042606 18/20 Sense off-target pde4d
Chr3:127143200..127143219 18/20 Antisense off-target entpd4
Chr5:18588191..18588210 18/20 Sense off-target lrpprc
Chr9:20973277..20973296 17/20 Antisense off-target sbk1
Chr1:58181621..58181640 17/20 Antisense off-target slc10a7
Chr7:16101382..16101401 17/20 Antisense off-target phyhipl
Chr5:98432019..98432038 16/20 Antisense off-target myom2
Chr1:35371707..35371726 18/20 unknown
First: Erp1/Emi2 is essential for the meiosis I to meiosis II transition in Xenopus oocytes., Dev Biol 2007          
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