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Morpholino Name: vgll3 MO3
Synonyms: v3SMOi1e2 (v3SMOsp)
Target mRNA: vgll3

Morpholino Type: splice blocking morpholino (I1-E2)

Source: Gene Tools LLC

Target mRNA
Genomic Alignments Position Identity Strand Target Target mRNA
laevis 10.1 Chr2S:13138907..13138931 25/25 Antisense off-target LOC108709205
Chr8L:62487687..62487711 22/25 Antisense off-target eml2.L
Chr1L:119761073..119761097 21/25 Sense off-target gne.L
Chr2L:56724177..56724201 21/25 Sense off-target col8a2.L
Chr2S:144606746..144606770 21/25 Antisense off-target LOC108709943
Chr3L:46443254..46443278 22/25 unknown
Chr6S:87556830..87556854 22/25 unknown
Chr3L:46382774..46382798 22/25 unknown
Chr3L:46443721..46443745 21/25 unknown
Chr3L:46444189..46444213 21/25 unknown
Chr3L:54807591..54807615 21/25 unknown
Chr4L:116054850..116054874 21/25 unknown
Chr7L:54317741..54317765 21/25 unknown
tropicalis 10.0 Chr7:20286461..20286485 22/25 Antisense off-target cuzd1
Chr10:20986254..20986278 21/25 Antisense off-target cyth2
Chr5:80774042..80774066 21/25 Antisense off-target grik2
Chr7:20285896..20285920 21/25 Antisense off-target cuzd1
Chr10:11597880..11597904 21/25 unknown
Chr10:11599242..11599266 21/25 unknown
Chr10:11600876..11600900 21/25 unknown
Chr10:11601371..11601395 21/25 unknown
First: Vestigial-like 3 is a novel Ets1 interacting partner and regulates trigeminal nerve formation and cranial neural crest migration., Biol Open 2017                                    
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