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Fate maps: forward

Move cursor over early blastomeres to see their future positions, click on blastomeres to read about their later fate.


animal up, vegetal down

32-cell / stage 6 stage 8 stage 10.5
  Fate mapping data and images based upon the work of Moody 1987a, 1987b and Bauer et al. 1994.

Technical notes

Fate maps: reverse

Move cursor over cell/tissue type and the blastula map will appear.
Mapping data based upon Moody 1987. and Mills et al. 1999.
receives major contribution from red blastomeres
receives a small contribution from green blastomeres
rarely receives a contribution from yellow blastomeres
animal is up and vegetal down in all images, dorsal is to the right and ventral to the left


ectoderm   mesoderm  

neurectoderm   endoderm