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Fig S6 – Temporal synexpression and gene ontology in Clutch A PolyA+, related to Fig 4. (A) Sliding window gene ontology enrichment. Bottom: Heatmap of all genes (Fig 4) arranged by similarity. Middle: The location of all transcripts factors, blue line marks the number of transcription factors per 500 gene window. Red line marks the expected number of transcripts for any 500 gene window. Top: -log(p) chi-squared test for the association between the window position and the transcription factor density. A region that exceeds –log(p) > 5 is considered for annotation (Supplemental Experimental Procedures). (B) Somite Synexpression. Examples from the somite temporal synexpresssion group. Ranks give similarity to ckb between 34-66 hpf (Supplemental Experimental Procedures). Image source given at bottom.

Image published in: Owens ND et al. (2016)

Copyright © 2016. Image reproduced on Xenbase with permission of the publisher and the copyright holder. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

ckb b-ck, ckbb, XCK1X.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
mylpf SkMLCX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
myl1 XMLC1f, XMLC3f, MLC1f, MLC3f, MLC1f/3fX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
tmod4 sk-tropomodulinX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
actc1 cardiac actin, actc, cardiac alpha actin, actna1, muscle actinX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
tpi1 tpiX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
sypl2 mg29, mitsugumin 29X.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
klhl41 loc398449, kbtbd10X.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
act3 muscle actin, MA, ac100, skeletal actin, femoral actinX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28heart
gpi X.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
hspb1 hsp27X.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
col2a1 col11a3, xcol2a1, X-col II, col2a1-a, col2a1-bX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28heart
krt19 krt15, krt9, cytokeratin 19X.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28central nervous system
spinal cord
trigeminal nerve
tnnc2 troponin C, skeletal muscleX.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite
hhatl gup1, oact3, mboat3X.tropicalisThroughout NF stage 28somite

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