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Figure 1. ATP4a Is Symmetrically Expressed and Required Post-MBT for LR Development(A�E) Whole-mount in situ hybridization of staged embryos at the (A) two-cell, (B) four-cell, and (C) 32-cell stages. Note that ATP4a mRNA was enriched in the animal cytoplasm, as shown in the bisected four-cell embryo in (B), viewed from the inner surface in (B′) and (B�), but symmetrically expressed with respect to the LR axis. (D) Zygotic ATP4a expression in the stomach of a stage (st.) 45 tadpole; see plane of section in (D′) indicated by dashed line in (D). Arrowhead indicates gastric epithelium in blow-up. (E) Four-cell embryo stained with sense control RNA.(F and G) (F) Pitx2c expression and (G) organ situs in wild-type embryos at tadpole stages (26�32) and in specimens injected or treated as specified. The image in (D′) was reconstructed from several images taken from the same histological section. ∗∗Highly significant. ∗∗∗Very highly significant. ns, not significant; n, number of embryos analyzed; wt, wild-type.See also Figure S1.

Image published in: Walentek P et al. (2012)

Copyright © 2012. Image reproduced with permission of the publisher and the copyright holder. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

atp4a.Lmgc69393, gastric H(+)-K(+)-ATPase alpha-subunit, alpha H-KX.laevisSometime during NF stage 2 (2-cell) to NF stage 6 (32-cell)animal cap
animal hemisphere
animal pole
atp4a.Lmgc69393, gastric H(+)-K(+)-ATPase alpha-subunit, alpha H-KX.laevisThroughout NF stage 45stomach
alimentary system
gut epithelium

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