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Figure 8. XE2F Lipofection Inhibits Xotx2 Translation and the Generation of Bipolar Cells(A–C) st. 40-lipofected retinas. Lipofected cells are traced by GFP (green), Xotx2 immunostaining in red. Arrows indicate Xotx2-positive lipofected cells.(D) Histogram showing the proportion of retinal lipofected cells expressing Xotx2 protein. Number of counted cells is indicated by n. Double asterisk indicates p = 0.009; triple asterisk indicates p = 0.0001 (student's t-test); error bars indicate standard error of the mean.(E–G) Cell type analysis of lipofected retinas at st. 42. Examples are shown of retinas lipofected with cdk2/cyclinA2 (cdk/cyc in [E]) and XE2F (F). GCL: ganglion cell layer; INL: inner nuclear layer; ONL: outer nuclear layer; pe, pigmented epithelium. Red arrowheads point at cells with amacrine morphology, which represent the majority of cell types in the INL of XE2F-lipofected retinas. Bars in (G) show the proportion of lipofected cells types at st. 42. Number of counted cells is indicated by n; double asterisk indicates p ≤ 0.01; triple asterisk indicates p ≤ 0.001 (student's t-test); error bars: standard error of the mean. The lipofection of cdk2/cyclinA2 and XE2F increases and decreases, respectively, the proportion of bipolar cells compared to control. The decrease of photoreceptors after cdk2/cyclinA2 lipofection is due to a reduction of cones [18].

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otx2.LXotx2, otx-2, Xotx-2, otxA, otx2-a, otx2-bX.laevisThroughout NF stage 40retina
bipolar neuron

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