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Fig. 4. Double-labeled whole-mount in situ hybridization. (A,B) Expression of XTbx5 (blue) and XNkx-2.5 (purple). (A) At tailbud tadpole stage 25, cells expressing XNkx-2.5 are anterior to those expressing XTbx5. (B) At stage 30, expression of both overlaps in the developing heart in ventral, but not lateral domains. (C,D) Expression of XTbx5 (blue) relative to XMLC2 (purple). (C) Stage 30 embryo. Expression of both genes overlaps in the heart, while only XTbx5 expression is seen in the lateral mesoderm. (D) Stage 40 embryo. No XMLC2 expression is detected in the dorsal sinus venosus.

Image published in: Horb ME and Thomsen GH (1999)

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