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Fig. 7. Expression of heart markers in heartless embryos. (A,C,E) Stage 35 control embryos injected with 250 pg lacZ mRNA in the DMZ. (B,D,E) Stage 35 embryos injected with 1 ng of XTbx5- EnR-GR mRNA and 250 pg lacZ mRNA in the DMZ at the 4-cell stage and treated with dexamethasone at stage 14/15. (A,B) XMLC2 expression. (C,D) XNkx-2.5 expression. (E,F) Endogenous XTbx5 expression. Expression was scored at stage 35 in embryos injected with lacZ alone (A,C,E) or with lacZ + XTbx5-EnR-GR (B,D,F).

Image published in: Horb ME and Thomsen GH (1999)

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