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Fig. 1. Double WISH reveals the spatial relationship between Rarγ2 and posterior Hox, PSM and CNH genes. (A-M) Rarγ2 is stained with BM Purple and the other genes are stained with Fast Red. Rarγ2 is caudal to Myod and Tbx6 (A-D), but synexpressed with Msgn1 (F,G) in neurula stage Xenopus embryos. (E,H) Rarγ2 is synexpressed with the caudal domain (CD) of Hoxc10 but not with neural tube (NT) or lateral plate mesoderm (LPM) of Hoxc10 in tailbud stage embryos. Rarγ2 overlaps with S–III domains of Ripply2 (I,J) and Thyl2 (L,M) expression, but not with more anterior somitomeres (S–II, S–I, S0). (K) Rarγ2 overlaps with xNot expression in neurula stage embryos. Dorsal and lateral views shown with anterior to the left, except in K (caudal view with dorsal at top).

Image published in: Janesick A et al. (2014)

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