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Figure 1—figure supplement 1. The arytenoid discs are suspended in elastic cartilage.Transverse section (5 μm) through a decalcified, osmicated, epon-embedded larynx of a male X. laevis at the anterior-posterior level of the arytenoid discs (ad, Figure 1B inset); dorsal is up. As in X. borealis, (Yager, 1992) the anterior arytenoid cartilages and arytenoid discs are suspended in elastic tissue including elastic cartilage identifiable by its characteristic ‘Swiss-cheese’ appearance (inset at left). Seams of elastic cartilage also insert bilaterally onto the cricoid box (cricoid), composed of hyaline cartilage, and form the septa between the lateral and medial chambers more posteriorly (illustrated in Figure 4C). Laryngeal muscle inserts via the tendon onto the arytenoid cartilages just posterior to the level of this section (see Figure 1B and inset).

Image published in: Kwong-Brown U et al. (2019)

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