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Figure 4. Clk2 promotes the development of both anterior and posterior neural tissues. Clk2 stimulated the expression of the anterior and posterior markers, otx2 (a–e) (■, Strongly; image, Weakly; □, Normal) and hoxb9 (f–h) (■, Strongly; image, Weakly; □, Normal), respectively. clk2 SYA‐GR (250 and 500 pg) and β‐galactosidase mRNAs were injected into one side of the animal hemisphere of X. laevis embryos at the 2‐cell stage. The injected side is marked by brackets. Expression of otx2 (b, d and d’) and hoxb9 (g and g’) is indicated by arrowheads and is classified as strongly or weakly expanded, or normal in e and h for otx2 and hoxb9, respectively. c’, d’, f’ and g’: magnification of c, d, f and g, respectively

Image published in: Virgirinia RP et al. (2019)

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