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Additional file 2. Supplemental Figure S1 - The 12M founder has four independently-segregating Tol2XIG transposons each with a unique GFP expression pattern. Outcross of the 12M founder resulted in the segregation of four independent Tol2XIG alleles and revealed unique GFP expression patterns associated with each integration event. (a) Schematic representation of the outcross of founder 12M to yield tadpoles with individual expression patterns. The individual patterns were named Soul Patch (slp), Handlebar (hbr), Garibaldi (grb) and Chinstrap (chs). Tadpoles were photographed at stage 51 and the figures are oriented with anterior towards the top of the panel. The intense GFP expression in the slp embryo in the basihyal basibranchial cartilage is labelled BB. The bright GFP expression in the leading edge of the hbr tadpole is indicated by the white arrow. The white arrowhead in the chs panel points to the GFP expression in the lower jaw of the tadpole. The eye is labelled in this panel to guide the reader. (b) Southern blot analysis of F1 tadpoles harbouring different combinations of the four transposons in founder 12M. Genomic DNA from individual tadpoles was digested with BglII and the resulting Southern blot was probed with a GFP probe. (c) EPTS LM-PCR was used to clone the genomic sequences flanking the transposon insertion sites in three of the four 12M alleles. The genomic DNA sequence flanking the transposon is indicated by the capitalized text and the sequence of the 5' end of Tol2XIG is shown in lowercase italics.

Image published in: Yergeau DA et al. (2010)

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