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Additional file 3. Supplemental Figure S2 - GFP expression in the Soul Patch line. GFP expression profile of the Soul Patch (slp) line derived from the Tol2XIG 12M founder. The EF-1α promoter in the Tol2XIG construct can be influenced by local regulatory elements near the transposon insertion site to override the normal ubiquitous expression of the GFP reporter. The slp allele has intense GFP expression in various cartilages in the developing tadpole (Stage 51 shown). (a) slp results in intense GFP expression in the provisionally identified basihyal basibranchial (BB) cartilage at the midline of the head. (b) Schematic representation of the tadpole head skeleton indicating the relative position of the basihyal basibranchial cartilage (adapted from Weisz, 1945 [59]). The slp allele also results in intense GFP expression in the cartilage supporting the tentacle (c and e) and the cartilage supporting the gill arches (d, white arrows). GFP expression is clearly visible in the outflow tract (OT) of the heart in slp tadpoles (f). Images a, c, d and f were taken on a fluorescent dissecting microscope and e is an

Image published in: Yergeau DA et al. (2010)

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