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Fig. 7. Test of Evi1 ZF1, ZF2 and CtBP mutants for their ability to inhibit XSMP-30 expression. Embryos overexpressing the indicated inducible Evi1 mutants were fixed at tadpole stage (stage 36) and the expression of the XSMP-30 proximal tubule marker was analyzed. Control and injected sides marked with Red-gal are shown. Note that while Evi1δZF2-hGR is as effective as the wild type protein to repress XSMP-30 expression (A, B), the deletion of ZF1 or the CtBP interaction motifs abolishes Evi1 activity (C).

Image published in: Van Campenhout C et al. (2006)

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rgn.Lxsmp-30, smp30, xsmp30, regucalcinX.laevisThroughout NF stage 35 and 36pronephric kidney

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