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Figure 7. Summary of results and schematic diagram of microarray experiment. (A) Summary of ectopic expression of endocrine markers. Red boxes indicate time of Dex treatment. Activation of Ngn3-GR for 1 or 4 h beginning at Stage 12 resulted in increased insulin and somatostatin expression, whereas continuous activation beginning at Stage 12 or a 4-h activation beginning at Stage 15 resulted in increased expression of insulin, somatostatin, and glucagon. (b,c) Diagram of microarray experiment. Ngn3-GR mRNA was injected in the two dorsal vegetal blastomeres at the eight cell stage. Embryos were grown until Stage 12 activated with dexamethasone for 4 h and confirmed targeting to the anterior endoderm at Stage 15 with GFP fluorescence. All dorsal structures were removed and RNA was extracted immediately after. Four replicates of ten embryos were used to hybridize the Affymetrix Xenopus laevis GeneChip 2.0.

Image published in: Oropeza D and Horb M (2012)

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