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  • Xenbase Release 3.11.0

    • Transgene links added to gene pages
    • RRID field added for antibodies
    • Proper name display for lines, transgenes, and strains
    • Reformatted the "Cite Xenbase" page; added Xenbase publications
  • 2016 Xenopus White Paper

    Representatives of the research community have released the 2016 Xenopus White Paper summarizing strategic resource development.

    Download: Word Doc, PDF

    PIs: Please reference the White Paper in your NIH grant proposals and contact your program officers.

  • NIGMS Seeks Input on Resource Needs and Team Science

    The National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) released requests for information (RFI) in April asking for input on resource needs and “team science.”

    Please advocate for Xenopus biomedical research!

    Comments due by June 3, 2016.

  • Developmental Biology: Special Issue

    Volume 408, Issue 2, Pages 179-358
    Modeling Human Development and Disease in Xenopus
    Edited by Carole LaBonne and Aaron Zorn

  • 2016 National Academy of Sciences

    Xenbase, and on behalf of the world wide Xenopus research community, congratulates the newly appointed members to the National Academy of Sciences who both currently and in earlier times in their careers, use Xenopus in their research.

  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2016 Newly Elected Members

    Congratulations to Christof Niehrs and Nancy Ip for being elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

  • Noggin4 is a long-range inhibitor of Wnt8 (not BMP) signalling that regulates head development in Xenopus laevis

    Eroshkin et al.

    Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 23049 (2016)

  • Searchable Databases of Xenopus RNA-Seq Expression Profiles

    Update: Owens et al. published in Cell Reports high-resolution, absolute number mRNA transcript data during X. tropicalis development from fertilization to tadpole stages, a developmental period approximating the first 8 weeks of human gestation.

  • Epigenome reference map track hub


    Track hubs now include trop v9.1 assebly. A collection of over 70 epigenome reference maps of Xenopus tropicalis early development has been released with the publication of “Embryonic transcription is controlled by maternally defined chromatin state” in Nature Communications.

    For instructions click here.

  • Xenopus laevis genome v9.1 released

    The Xenopus laevis genome v9.1 is available at chromosome scale.

    It can be accessed via BLAST or by selecting the 9.1 version within GBrowse.

    ...or click here to go directly.

    X. laevis genome v8.0 is now retired due to missing regions.

  • 16th International Xenopus Conference

    Registration now open.

    The biennial gathering of Xenopus biomedical researchers:

    Aug. 28th - Sept. 1st, 2016

    Orthodox Academy of Crete, Chania

    Click here to go to the meeting website.

  • Xenbase Release 3.11.0

    • Transgene links added to gene pages
    • RRID field added for antibodies
    • Proper name display for lines, transgenes, and strains
    • Reformatted the "Cite Xenbase" page; added Xenbase publications

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