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  • 17th International Xenopus Conference

    Save the date!

    August 12-16, 2018.

    Seattle, Washington, USA.

    Abstracts: May 3, 2018.

    Early Registration: June 29, 2018.

    Click here to go to the meeting website.

  • Xenbase v4.6

    Check out the latest changes to Xenbase:

    Added experimental regulation visualization
    Reworked stock center lines and strains
    Added XLRRI (US) and CRB (Europe) stock centres to the list of vendors
    Added links to laevis 9.2 and tropicalis 9.1 genome assemblies and gene models. Both are BLAST'able
    Replaced GBrowse gene snapshots with Xenbase images
    Increased support for JBrowse
    Added counts for mutant lines and available jobs to the landing page

  • EctoMap

    A molecular atlas of the developing ectoderm defines neural, neural crest, placode, and nonneural progenitor identity in vertebrates. Plouhinec et al. published in PLoS Biology

    Click here to go to EctoMap-lite.

  • New X. laevis 9.2 and X. tropicalis 9.1 GFFs

    Xenbase GFF tracks for X. laevis 9.2 and X. tropicalis 9.1 official genomes are now available on Xenbase FTP and GitLab account!

    View on JBrowse: trop and laevis.
    GFFs were created by merging NCBI and JGI GFF files.

  • Digital dissection of Xenopus laevis using contrast-enhanced computed tomography

    Porro and Richards published in the Journal of Anatomy their detailed views of adult Xenopus laevis anatomy. View their visualizations of skeletal and muscular anatomy; the nervous, respiratory, digestive, excretory and reproductive systems; and the major sense organs.

  • The Zahn Drawings

    A new developmental series for Xenopus, ‘the Zahn drawings’ and a complementary set of bright field photographs have been published in Development. These drawings provide researchers with views of the tadpole stages during cranial development, NF stage 22-50.

  • The brain is required for normal muscle and nerve patterning during early Xenopus development

    Herrera-Rincon et al. published in Naure Communications their use of an amputation assay in Xenopus laevis to show that absence of brain alters subsequent muscle and peripheral nerve patterning during early development. This phenotype can be rescued by modulating bioelectric signals.

  • Comprehensive analyses of hox gene expression in Xenopus laevis embryos and adult tissues

    Kondo et al. published in Developement, Growth, and Differentiation their analysis of two homeologous sets (L and S) of four hox gene clusters A through D and 13 paralogous groups. Read the article to see the expression of 76 genes during developement and in adult tissues.

  • 17th International Xenopus Conference

    Save the date!

    August 12-16, 2018.

    Seattle, Washington, USA.

    Abstracts: May 3, 2018.

    Early Registration: June 29, 2018.

    Click here to go to the meeting website.


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