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Profile Publications (27)
Name: Hiroshi Shibuya
Position: Professor
Research Description:
The molecular mechanisms underlying the β-catenin nuclear localization, Wnt signalling,

Various signaling molecules inducing the cell-growth and differentiation regulate morphogenesis and organogenesis of the vertebrate.  The failure of these signal molecules has also been caused with induction of the diseases.  Therefore, the elucidation of signal transduction network regulating generation and differentiation is important upon clarifying the mechanism of morphogenesis, organogenesis and diseases.  We focus on the signal transduction network regulating the mechanisms of morphogenesis and organogenesis in developmental process.

Main Projects
1. Regulatory mechanisms of Wnt signaling pathways
2. Regulatory mechanisms of WNK signaling pathways

Contact Information

Department of Molecular Cell Biology
Medical Research Institute
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
113-8510, Japan

Web Page:
Phone:  81-3-5803-4901