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Atlas, movies, fate maps and other sources of information on Xenopus development

Embryonic Atlas

An atlas containing 3D reconstructions of developing Xenopus is under construction. Visit the mouse atlas site to get an idea of what it will do...

Organ Atlas


Quicktime movies illustrating Xenopus development or gene expression.


Fate Maps

Dynamic fate maps of early Xenopus embryos.

forward - see what cells will become and where they will go

reverse - see where cells came from


NF Stage Series and Illustrations

Xenopus laevis stage series by Nieuwkoop and Faber (stages 1-10, 10-22, 23-46, or all) plus illustrations of various aspects of Xenopus development and anatomy.

Xenopus stage development time / temperature charts
Developmental Phenotypes  

Xenopus Anatomy Ontology

A description of Xenopus anatomy and development as a controlled vocabulary of terms, organized in a graphical structure.


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