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Fig. 3. Serial sections through the heart of a stage 35 (A,B) and a stage 40 (C-L) embryo stained for XTbx5 mRNA expression. (A) Section through the ventricle of a stage 35 embryo. Expression is detected in both the endocardium and myocardium as well as in the tissue we identify as epicardium (ep), overlying the endoderm (en). (B) Section through the sinus venosus slightly posterior to the section in A. XTbx5 mRNA is detected in the ventral part of the sinus venosus. (CL) Selected serial sections through the heart of a stage 40 embryo proceeding from anterior to posterior. (C) Bulbus cordis (bc) (D) Bulbus cordis (bc) and ventricle (v). XTbx5 is expressed only in the ventricle. (E) Ventricle. Expression is also detected in the underlying epicardium (ep). (F,G) Sections through the atrium (a) as it turns dorsally. (H-L) Sections through the developing sinus venosus. The sections through the heart in C-L have been numbered going from anterior to posterior, beginning with the bulbus cordis and ending with the sinus venosus. The corresponding number for each section is printed in the lower right-hand corner of each panel. Each section is 14 mm thick. The bulbus cordis encompasses sections 1-8 (112 mm), the ventricle sections 5-16 (168 mm), the atrium sections 17-22 (84 mm) and the sinus venosus sections 23-46 (336 mm).

Image published in: Horb ME and Thomsen GH (1999)

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